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Samsung Galaxy Music leak shows budget music phone

The budget, music-orientated Samsung Galaxy Music looks set to arrive soon following leaked photos and specifications.

A fresh batch of leaked images are hot from the oven, wafting a whiff of a new addition to Samsung's Galaxy range our way. Before you get too excited about an S3 replacement, the leaked slides show off a music-focused mobile with specs to suit a very modest budget.

The new blower is detailed in what appears to be leaked marketing shots, unearthed by SamMobile, along with a full specification list. The phone will apparently offer a 3-inch screen with a 240x320-pixel resolution, along with a single-core 850MHz processor under the hood.

Those aren't exactly top-end specs and they certainly don't compare to the flagship S3's 720p screen and quad-core chip, but this phone is evidently aimed firmly at a young audience. It packs speakers at the top and bottom of the handset to help make your music sound a little meatier than it would with standard built-in speakers.

That does, of course, mean that the backs of our nation's buses are likely to be polluted with the irritating sound of tinny dance music. Fingers crossed Samsung bundles it with decent headphones, or at least makes the battery life so poor it can't get through more than two plays of Call Me Maybe.

It's running on Android Ice Cream Sandwich, which isn't the latest version of Android, but that can be forgiven on a budget phone like this. It has an internal memory of only 4GB, which is pitiful, especially if it's designed to store and play music. But it does at least house a microSD card slot to expand the storage with an extra 32GB.

There's no word on how much this phone is likely to cost, but if it wants to set up home in a kid's pocket, it shouldn't cost more than £150 on pay as you go. Samsung has an official event planned for 11 October in Germany, so make sure to keep it CNET UK for all the latest news.

Does the Galaxy Music excite you? Do you love nothing more than to play your music aloud from your phone on the train? Do you look forward to people throwing coffee at you? Let me know in the comments below or over on our Facebook page.