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Samsung Galaxy Indulge: Metro's first 4G smartphone (review)

The Samsung Galaxy Indulge is either hero or anti-hero in the 4G story, depending on which way you look.

Samsung Galaxy Indulge
Josh Miller/CNET

There are two stories that star the Samsung Galaxy Indulge.

In one (the romance-adventure), the intrepid Indulge is MetroPCS' first smartphone foray into 4G territory. What's more, the humble Android 2.2 Froyo handset goes on to become the world's first commercially available LTE smartphone. Cue the crescendo!

In the other (the dystopia,) the Indulge is a good-but-not-great Galaxy S phone that's costly even for a non-contract phone. At least, it isn't sensational when compared to its premium cousins like the Epic 4G.

Our anti-hero's 4G also doesn't appear to be as fast in our (admittedly cursory) test. That could be the result of many factors--Metro's spectrum and infrastructure versus Sprint's, LTE versus WiMax, hardware versus hardware.

That said, if we narrow our focus to MetrPCS' hardware lineup, the Indulge is a great choice for Metro customers seeking a speedy smartphone. Watch my video, learn the details, and peruse photos in the Indulge review.