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Samsung d357

Samsung d357

Samsung's d357 is a fairly basic phone made primarily for the business audience. It incorporates a push-to-talk feature, one of two Cingular phones that offer the service. The d357 also supports Cingular's high-speed EDGE service, which should make features such as Internet browsing, POP3 e-mail, text and multimedia messaging, and instant messaging (AOL, ICQ, and Yahoo) a breeze. The d357 has two displays, with the external at 96x64 pixels in grayscale and the internal at 128x160 pixels in 65,000 colors. Other features include Bluetooth support, voice recognition, and a speakerphone. Users can also customize their phone with MP3 ring tones, in addition to the regular polyphonic ones. The triband (GSM 850/1800/1900) d357 phone should be available now from Cingular for about $70 after a contract and a $50 rebate. The Samsung d357 isn't a terribly exciting phone, but it's useful for those who want Internet connectivity on the go without shelling out a bundle for a smart phone.

Samsung SGH-D357