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Samsung Canada bringing Ice Cream Sandwich to nine Galaxy devices

We're still waiting in other countries, but Samsung announced that it will deliver Android 4.0 to multiple smartphones and tablets across Canadian carriers.

Canada's Galaxy Note getting its just desserts. Samsung

All eyes are on Samsung this week as it unveils what has arguably become the company's most anticipated Android smartphone to date.

First, however, Sammy has a bit of software business to tend to. Indeed, Samsung Canada today announced that it is making Android 4.0 available to a number of smartphones and tablets in the Galaxy series.

Starting today and rolling out over the remainder of the quarter, Ice Cream Sandwich will deploy to notable devices north of the border, including the Galaxy S II, Galaxy Tab 10.1, and Galaxy Note. Though the exact dates for the 4.0 update will vary depending on carrier and product, Samsung advises that consumers contact their respective provider for additional details.

Considering that most of the products listed in today's announcement also are available in the United States, I'm hoping that we see our 4.0 updates soon. Already I've noticed that some builds are currently leaking, which leads me to believe we could soon be in for a few press releases of our own.