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Samsung Caliber lands at MetroPCS

The Caliber is a touch-screen phone with midrange features.

Samsung Caliber Samsung

Once a purveyor of simple phones for making calls, MetroPCS over the last few years has worked to expand its handset lineup with fancier models like the Samsung Finesse, the Samsung Code, and the Huawei M750. And on Thursday it gave us another such device when it introduced the Samsung Caliber SCH-r860.

Already available with U.S. Cellular, the Caliber is a touch-screen device with Samsung's TouchWiz interface. Features include 3-megapixel camera, a full HTML Web browser, text and multimedia messaging, e-mail and instant messaging, a digital music player, an external memory card slot, Bluetooth, voice commands, and support for the carrier's MetroNavigator GPS service.

The Caliber is $249. That may seem expensive, but keep in mind that MetroPCS does not require service contracts.