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Samsung announces Ice Cream Sandwich plans for Galaxy line

Samsung launched Ice Cream Sandwich on its Galaxy Nexus and now it outlines preliminary details for bringing Android 4.0 to its other devices.

Now that it's launched Ice Cream Sandwich on its Galaxy Nexus, Samsung today became the latest hardware maker to outline Android 4.0 updates for its remaining smartphones and tablets.

A posting on the company's blog tells us that most, if not all, of its Galaxy device lineup from 2011 will see Ice Cream Sandwich. So if you're keeping track, that will include the Galaxy S II, the Galaxy Note, and a number of Galaxy Tab models.

The Galaxy S II smarpthones and Galaxy Note should be at the head of the line for the first quarter of next year with additional announcements detailing the schedule for various markets and carriers.

Of course, as is the case with most Android updates, not all versions of the same device will get the update at the same time. For example, the unlocked Samsung Galaxy S II will likely precede the U.S. counterparts by a few weeks.

Also, considering that AT&T has multiple versions of the handset it will need to clarify update details. As similar as some of these smartphones seem on the surface, each has to be handled on case-by-case basis.

It's worth noting that we could be waiting until the latter half of the first quarter before the updates roll out. As outlined by Motorola, Android 4.0 updates could take another 4 to 5 months before it comes to select models. That is, assuming, that the two companies operate on a similar schedule.