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Redditor says Galaxy S3 caught fire, burned his finger

The person shares photos of the Galaxy S3, which is completely burned up. He claims he had made no modifications to the device.


A Reddit poster going by the handle Vizionx1208 says his Galaxy S3 suddenly caught fire recently and burned his finger.

In a post to Reddit on Sunday, the person said that he plugged his Galaxy S3 in to be charged and about an hour later "was awoken by a loud noise and a weird squeaking sound." That he, says, is when all kinds of trouble broke loose.

"So, I woke up, and saw a ton of smoke coming out of my phone -- it also smelled REALLY bad," he wrote. "Half asleep, I jumped out of bed and turned the light on, only to see that my phone was just beginning to go on fire. I dumped a glass of water I had in the room on it to stop it from burning...then woke up my brother to come help. The smoke smelled so bad and wafted through the entire second floor of my house."

To corroborate his story, the poster shared a link to pictures of his white Galaxy S3 all burned up. He said that his foam mattress pillow top was burned, and because some of the plastic casing "was melting and kind of shooting out of it," some of the debris landed on his finger and burned some skin off.

The poster claims that he made no modifications to the device and the software was not rooted. He ended his post with this: "Thanks so much for all of your comments and insight. The real big question here is -- Do you think I have an actual legal case? As in, a product liability case. Or, do you think I'm better off taking what the PR team will give me?"

CNET has contacted Samsung for comment on his claim. We will update this story when we have more information.