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RCA launches three new microdrive MP3 players

RCA launches three new microdrive MP3 players

It's official. RCA introduced three new models today: the 4GB H100 ($139) and the 6GB H106 and H116 ($169). Available now, the players are WMA subscription and Audible compatible, and they weigh less than 2.7 ounces. According to RCA, they are "so small that they can hide behind a business card." Strangely, RCA reps have confirmed that there is no difference between the H106 and H116 models.

A circular and tactile jog wheel that's different from the one available on the 5GB RCA Lyra RD2765 is located under the monochrome display. Additionally, the players have a reasonable 16 hours of rated battery life and include on-the-go playlist capabilities. The players lack features such as a photo-friendly color screen, FM radio, or recording options; they are basic players with basic prices. By contrast, the feature-packed 6GB SanDisk Sansa e270 costs $280. However, both 6GB models will ship with an external FM transmitter.

First take: If you need an affordable medium-capacity subscription-ready player with no extra features, then the H1xx series looks like a great bet. We'll have a review and video of the H116 by the end of the week.