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Random notes from the Apple announcement

Random notes from the Apple announcement

Three things we've come to expect from an Apple music event: a live performance, an iChat videoconference with a celebrity, and a stat- and graphic-filled PowerPoint, er, Keynote presentation by Steve Jobs. Today's Rokr event featured two songs by Kanye West (to a sober audience of journalists and geeks, which also included Yo-Yo Ma), a videoconference with a London-based Madonna, and the following statistics:

  • 22 million iPods have been sold worldwide (from the iPod's introduction to the end of June 2005)
  • 6.2 million were sold worldwide in the June 2005 quarter alone
  • 2 million Sony PSPs were sold in the same quarter
  • The iPod franchise has 74 percent of the market share in the United States for all MP3 players
  • There are more than 1,000 accessories for the iPod
  • iPod connectivity as an option was introduced in the Honda, the Acura, the Audi, and the Volkswagen
  • 30 percent of cars in the United States will have an iPod option in 2006
  • The iPod Mini is the most popular MP3 player in the world (in terms of players sold)
  • The iPod Nano is thinner than a No. 2 pencil
  • It's also 80 percent smaller than the original iPod
  • And 62 percent smaller than the iPod Mini
  • And 69 percent smaller than the Creative Zen Micro
  • And 58 percent smaller than the Creative Zen Neon
  • And 67 percent smaller than the Sony NW-HD5
  • And 66 percent smaller than the Motorola Razr
  • The iTunes Music Store has sold half a billion songs to date
  • It currently sells 1.8 million songs a day
  • It has an 82 percent market share for downloads in the United States
  • There are iTunes Music Stores in 20 countries
  • There are 7 million podcast subscriptions to date
  • There are 15,000 podcasts in the iTunes directory and a thousand new ones added each week
  • iTunes now has 2 million songs
  • The iTunes Music Store has 10 million accounts
  • The average number of songs downloaded by a user is 60