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PSP browser bonus

PSP browser bonus

I've continued to play around with the Web browser on my freshly upgraded PSP, mostly while trolling the streets of New York City for free wireless hot spots. In my travels, I have uncovered a new strength and its accompanying weakness, which I will now share with you, as is my wont.

  • The PSP is capable of tabbed browsing, which should cause more than a few Firefox devotees to leap through the window of their nearest GameStop and fling cash at anyone who doesn't flee. This is a bit of a hidden feature: you'll need to hold down Square, then use the left and right Shoulder buttons to go from tab to tab. My adventures in this arena led to the serendipitous discovery of today's bonus weakness:

  • "Out of memory" errors. If you load up too many pages simultaneously, or try for a page that hosts several large image files, your PSP will stop what it's doing, slap you with an error message, and weep softly until you've freed up some resources. Not the hugest deal, but you'd think that a console capable of running Wipeout Pure could handle a few largish JPEGs before emptying its bowels in fear. My guess is that the browser's memory-handling will be tweaked and improved in a future update.