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Plantronics announces the M100

The Plantronics M100 is a simple Bluetooth headset that promises great sound.

Plantronics M100
Plantronics M100 Plantronics

Plantronics released its latest Bluetooth headset Tuesday, dubbed the Plantronics M100. It's billed as a mid-tier headset, but that doesn't mean it won't do its job. Indeed, the M100 has what you would want out of a quality headset--dual microphones, DSP cancellation of background noise, wind noise reduction, echo cancellation, multipoint connectivity, and automatic volume adjustment.

It also has a voice alert system that'll let you know when you're on mute, your battery life, and more. Interestingly, like the Jawbone Icon, the M100 will also display a headset battery meter on your iPhone.

The Plantronics M100 looks quite slim and will be available in charcoal gray and various color accents--green, blue, and pink. It will be available for $79.99 on Plantronic' Web site, at Best Buy, and in Radio Shack, with wider availability later in the year.