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Pink Samsung Galaxy S2 arrives in time for Valentine's Day

The Samsung Galaxy S2 is now available in pink -- and if you order quickly it arrives the day before Valentine's Day.

Keen to splash out on a Samsung Galaxy S2 smart phone but just not digging all that boring black? It's your lucky day, because the S2 is now available in pink -- and it's time to drop hints to your current squeeze, because if they order fast it arrives the day before Valentine's Day.

We wish that when it comes to appealing to the fairer sex, gadgeteers could do better than painting stuff pink or smearing crystals on it. But the pink S2 is a great choice if you want to marry a perky outfit with proper brains, Legally Blonde-style.

Belying the slim and fluffily hued exterior is an astonishingly fast smart phone with an 8-megapixel camera, gorgeous 4.3-inch screen and Android Gingerbread.

The S2 -- our favourite phone of 2011 -- has been on sale in black since summer last year. A white version quickly followed.

It used to be that phones would come in loads of different colours -- but then, as with so many other things in the world of mobile phones, the iPhone came along and put paid to that. The iPhone only came in black, and later only in black or white. The smart phones that followed have been influenced by this monochrome sophistication. Colours are gaudy and infra dig.

But in these austere times we need something to light up our humdrum lives, and colour is making a comeback. The Nokia Lumia 800 comes in pink or blue livery that perfectly matches the colourful live tiles on the screen of your Windows Phone.

The rosé phoné is available at Phones4U, on a contract with Vodafone, Orange or O2. Order now and the phone will arrive on 13 February.

Do you like a splash of colour with your smart phone, or do you prefer a phone that's none more black? Paint your thoughts in the comments or on our rainbow Facebook page.