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Path for Android adds lenses, continues to chase iOS version

Android-toting users of the social-networking app Path finally get to use filters on their photos.


For almost a year, fast-growing social networking app Path has offered iOS users lenses (photo filters) to spruce up the photos they share. With the tap of a finger, these users have been able to add vintage-looking vignettes or sepia tones to their work, and even purchase premium lenses for about a buck. Meanwhile, Android users have looked on with jealous eyes, as they were sadly not offered the same capabilities.

As of yesterday, that has all changed. Now Android users get the very same free filters that iOS users have, including Pro, Ansel, Instant, Diana, Lomo, Country, and Lake. This means Android users will no longer have to add basic filters from other apps then import them into Path, since it's all built right in. While this certainly moves Path's Android app closer in line with its iOS sibling, there is still a gap to be aware of. Unfortunately, there are still no premium filters or tilt-shift function on Android, as there are on iOS.

Path for Android (download) is available for free download now on Google Play.