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Party in Cupertino this Saturday

Party in Cupertino this Saturday

Apple turns 30 on April 1, so it's time to reflect. has a fun retrospective, complete with a time line. For the cast of colorful characters that have shaped the company through good times and bad, check out this article from Wired News. Having covered desktops for a number of years for CNET, I may be biased, but I think that no Mac product today better embodies Apple's roots than the iMac. Sure, nowadays most people equate Apple with the iPod, and while I currently lust for a MacBook Pro, it's the iMac that carries on the tradition of the Apple II and the original Macintosh computers. And when Steve Jobs made his triumphant return in 1996, the iMac was the first product released that started the company's turnaround. From the original CRT-based, rainbow-of-flavors iMac to the desk lamp-style iMac G4 to the now Intel-based iMac Core Duo, no Apple product illustrates the company's eye for design and restless desire for change and innovation. Which iMac is your favorite? What do you think the next iMac will look like? Instead of sending Jobs a Hallmark card, leave your comments and birthday wishes below.