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This is one way to express your allegiance to Star Wars

OtterBox has a new set of Star Wars-themed cases designed to protect your iPhone from "the dark side of phone ownership."


OtterBox's Star Wars cases are currently available for the iPhone 7/8 and iPhone 7 Plus/8 Plus.


Ahead of the December release of "Star Wars: The Last Jedi," OtterBox has a new collection of Star Wars Symmetry Series cases that will give your iPhone Jedi powers you never knew it had.

No, not really. But the cases are pretty cool, if not a little pricey. You can choose among five "unique designs" for 
the iPhone 7/8 ($45) and iPhone 7 Plus/8 Plus ($55).

Alas, nothing yet for the iPhone X.  According to OtterBox, iPhone X Star Wars cases are coming "in early 2018."

Personally, I'd probably probably go with the "On Ahch-To" or "Storm Trooper" cases.