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Orange Vegas: Touchscreen for the skint

Orange has released the smallest, lightest, cheapest touchscreen in the UK -- the Vegas. Being broke, weak and tiny is no longer a barrier to taking up the tapping trend

Nowadays even hobos and toddlers have mobile phones, and they demand features. For them, Orange has announced the Vegas, which it says is the cheapest touchscreen phone in the UK.

The Vegas has an 1.3-megapixel camera, an FM radio and an MP3 player. It sports 128MB of internal memory, with room for up to 4GB more if you stump up for a microSD card.

It's only dual-band, but tramps don't go abroad, so that's cool. Orange says that at only 84g, it's the smallest and lightest touchscreen mobile on the market, so babies will have no trouble clutching it in their tiny hands.

It's going for only £48.50 on pay as you go and it's available from the Orange Web site in homeless black or cuteykins pink.