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Official Google Calendar app now available on Google Play

Google has released an Android treat in the shape of a feature-packed official Calendar app, available now from the Google Play store.

Google has released a sweet bonus treat for Android users with phones running Jelly Bean or Ice Cream Sandwich, in the shape of a feature-packed official Calendar app that can sync all your calendars.

The app, which can be downloaded from the Google Play store now, was announced on the official Android blog today by tech lead Michael Chan. Previously the app was only available on a small selection of devices running stock Android, such as the Google Nexus S and Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

Super-busy and efficient types will be pleased to know you can use the app to gather together any calendars you may already have on your Android device with your Google calendar, and manage them all from a central location.

Aside from the standard calendar functions such as creating, editing and cancelling events, features include pinching to zoom in and out of a day. There's also the option to respond from within a notification to update other event participants with customisable pre-defined messages, such as "I'm running late again," or "Be there in five, I've just gone to pick up the biscuits".

Similarly, it's also possible to snooze events from within notifications -- which if you're anything like me on an average weekday morning, you'll find incredibly helpful (oh what a difference 40 more winks make).

Jetsetters are well catered for in that a home time zone can be set to help you manage your time efficiently while travelling. An impressive sync period also means you can review events from up to a year ago from your phone.

Your mobile probably already has a native calendar app, but it's highly likely that if you're a keen Android fan you'll be pretty tied into official Google stuff like Gmail and Google+, so why not Googlify your life a little more? If you want to download the app onto your HTC Android phone though, be sure to check out the list of known issues -- there are several -- with HTC devices on Google Play before you do so.

Does the official Calendar app offer you any exciting new features that you can't currently get on your phone? Will you be downloading it? Organise your thoughts in the comments below or schedule a trip over to our Facebook page to let us know.