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O2 XDA Stellar: O2 takes on the TyTN II

If you're shackled to an O2 contract but yearn for an HTC TyTN II, you can buy one now under the cosmic name O2 XDA Stellar

Given HTC's ability to pump out quality Windows Mobile devices, it's no surprise that all the networks wanted to get their hands on the smashing HTC TyTN II. O2 is the latest, and has branded it up with a subtle small white logo and a blue wallpaper on the start page. Very tasteful.

All the features are there, including GPS, Wi-Fi and HSDPA (3.5G). Little has been done to the interface, although you'll notice that the HTC big clock theme isn't there. 

The cost of the O2 XDA Stellar ranges from free if you pay over £50 a month (on an 18-month contract) to £90 if you pay £35 a month (also 18 months). Unfortunately, those tariffs don't include mobile data, which will cost an additional £7.50 a month for 200MB.

For more information about this handset in terms of specs and usability, check out our full review of the HTC TyTN II. -Andrew Lim