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Nokia's L'Amour Collection

Nokia's L'Amour Collection

Nokia's 7280 and 7270 fashion phones got a mixed reception when we reviewed them earlier this year. Although we thought the 7280 was different enough to be cool, CNET readers weren't impressed. And while we weren't terribly thrilled with the 7270, they seemed to love it. Regardless, Nokia this week announced three new fashion phones that have been officially billed as its L'Amour Collection. They're not for the U.S. market yet, but we had to take a peek. The Nokia 7380 features a design very similar to that of the lipstick-shaped 7280, albeit with a lighter color scheme. There's the same scrollwheel and lack of a keypad, and the display reverts to a mirror in standby mode. Improvements upon its predecessor include a 2-megapixel camera, an MP3 player, and voice commands. Other models in the collection include the candy bar Nokia 7360 and the swivel-phone Nokia 7370. Read more about them in this line show from CNET Asia.