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Nokia's Here app comes to Android but only for Samsung devices

The maps and navigation app is still working toward all Android devices, as well as their iOS counterparts.

Nokia Here Nokia

Nokia's Here maps and navigation app is now available on Samsung devices.

Nokia announced the expansion Wednesday, saying that, for now, the app is in beta and exclusively for Samsung devices -- not all Android-based device. It can be found in Samsung's application marketplace.

Nokia Here was once part of the broader Nokia. However, when Microsoft acquired Nokia's devices and services operation earlier this year, Here was not included in the deal and stayed with the part of Nokia that lives on as an independent company.

While Nokia Here was previously only available to Windows Phone, it's now being rolled out across other platforms. Earlier this year, Nokia said that it would be launching its Here mapping app on iOS and the entire Android world before the year is up.

For now, Nokia Here has expanded only to Samsung devices and through the Samsung app store. The app will allow people to get directions to location, get voice guidance, and find their own location. In addition, users can download parts of the Here maps, including entire countries, at no charge for offline use.

The app is slowly but surely making its way to Samsung's app marketplace around the world, Nokia said. If users don't see it available yet, it should pop up over the next couple of days.

Nokia did not immediately respond to CNET's request for comment.