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'Nokia X' is Nokia's Android 'Normandy' phone, tipster hints

Nokia's rumoured Android smart phone is rumoured to be called the 'Nokia X'.

Nokia's long-rumoured Android phone -- reportedly code named 'Normandy' -- will be called the Nokia X, according to a tipster.

The often-correct @evleaks took to Twitter to write "Nokia Normandy = Nokia X".

The notorious tipster has previously published leaked photos purportedly showing Nokia's Normandy Android phone, while other slightly-blurry snaps have given us even more of a look at the rumoured device.

The information so far suggests that the so-called 'Nokia X' will strongly resemble the company's chunky, colourful Lumia mobiles, but instead of Windows Phone be powered by a version of Google's Android operating system.

Leaked photos suggest the phone could have one touch-sensitive button beneath its screen -- a left-facing arrow that looks to serve as a 'back' button.

Leaked photos of Nokia's Android interface, again courtesy of @evleaks, suggest that Nokia has constructed a heavily-modified version of Android for its own mobile.

Nokia's mobile phone business is in the midst of being snapped up by Microsoft, for a cool £4.6bn.

Nokia's Lumia phones offer a slick design and some neat camera capabilities, but because they run Windows Phone, they're slightly lacking when it comes to available apps. Access to the vast library of Android apps available on the Google Play store could prove a tempting prospect for many tech fans. 

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