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Nokia Windows Phone set for October launch in London

Nokia could launch its first Windows Phone devices in October, at the annual Nokia World conference -- right here in Britain.

Nokia could reveal its first Windows Phone devices in October. The world's largest phone manufacturer is holding its annual Nokia World conference at the end of October this year, setting the stage for its hotly anticipated -- and desperately needed -- Windows Phone smart phones.

Nokia World takes place on 26 and 27 October right here in Britain, so you better believe the Crave team will be on hand for all the news from Nokia.

A late October launch could put Nokia's Windows Phone devices in shops in time for Christmas. Talkative Nokia boss Stephen Elop has repeatedly promised Windows Phones before the end of the year, and they can't come a moment too soon for the troubled phone-fabricating Finns.

Whenever they come, Nokia promises the UK will be first in line, along with the other big European countries that its heartland. There are also plans for ten new Symbian devices this year, so we'll probably see them at Nokia World too.

Crave toddled along to Nokia World last year, when the atmosphere was buoyant as a dramatically revamped version of Symbian arrived on powerhouse new phones, including the Nokia N8.

But the mood soured faster than the vol-au-vents dished up on the show floor, and the past year has been a series of calamities for the Finnish company: the N8 turned out to be rubbish, Symbian is just clinging to life, MeeGo is dead and doesn't even know it, and thousands of jobs have gone. But this year also saw the news that could turn things round for those crazy Finns: the adoption of Microsoft's Windows Phone software in all its smart phones.

Nokia is still the largest phone manufacturer on the planet, thanks to the sheer number of handsets it shifts, particularly in developing markets. But smart phones are the battleground of the future, and Apple and Android have a hefty head-start.

Are you looking forward to Nokia's Windows Phones? Keep it CNET UK as we'll be all over Nokia World and NokWin phones here in London, with all the latest news and in-depth reviews in a few months' time.