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Nokia to start naming phones

Nokia to start naming phones

Nokia has never been a company to follow fads, but it appears that one of the latest trends in the cell phone world is rubbing off on the folks from Finland. Nokia said yesterday that it would start giving some of its handsets names instead of numbers. While the company dabbled with new naming conventions with its N series and E series, it has stuck with its somewhat confusing four-digit numbering system for the most part. Yet the recent success of such "named" handsets as the Motorola Razr and the LG Chocolate apparently has caused Nokia to shake things up. "What you will see coming from us in the future is not just a numbering system, you are going to start to see names that carry a meaning and are important to consumers," Nokia exec Keith Pardy said. Though he was mum on details, Pardy also hinted that Nokia is joining the flip phone craze very soon.