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Nokia N900 shown off in all its Linux-based loveliness

The Nokia N900 Internet tablet has been outed, with posting photo and screenshots of Nokia's forthcoming Maemo-powered Qwerty slider touchscreen device

Nokia's press department can put up their feet and take the rest of the summer off, because has done a bang-up job of launching its new Internet tablet, the Nokia N900.

The site's awesomely detailed overview of a prototype N900 includes a bumper crop of photos of the phone and screenshots of the user interface. The story also includes an exhaustive introduction to Maemo, Nokia's Linux-ish operating system, which powers the N900.

It seems the N900 will have a slide-out Qwerty keyboard, or you can use the soft keyboard on its 800x480-pixel resistive touchscreen. It will also have a 5-megapixel camera, 32GB on onboard memory and a microSD card that supports an extra 32GB more.

The author compares its build quality to the Nokia E75, which is a good sign since the E75 is a beautifully solid phone.

We spoke to Nokia, but it's keeping mum on the N900 blow-out, saying that the tablet remains in the realm of rumour and speculation.

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