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Nokia N810 Internet Tablet WiMax Edition makes official debut

Nokia officialy announces the WiMax Edition of the Nokia N810 Internet Tablet at CTIA 2008.

Nokia N810 Internet Tablet WiMax Edition
Nokia N810 Internet Tablet WiMax Edition Nokia

As expected, Nokia officially unveiled the Nokia N810 Internet Tablet WiMax Edition here at CTIA 2008. It's a slightly revamped Nokia N810 that adds, obviously, WiMax support and several other enhancements. For those unfamiliar with WiMax, it is a wireless broadband technology that promises to deliver download speeds of up to 2Mbps to 4Mbps with the potential to even hit up to 10Mbps, so we're talking cable and DSL-like speeds here.

While WiMax is the big story, there are a couple of other noteworthy changes to the Nokia N810. The slide-out full QWERTY keyboard has been improved to provide more tactile feedback, and it also features a new color scheme that makes it easier to find the number and symbol keys. The N810 WiMax Edition will also ship with the latest Internet Tablet operating system that includes an enhanced e-mail client and a Seamless Software Update that will provide over-the-air software updates to your device--no more manual updates (huzzah!). Pricing has not been set at this time, but Nokia said it wouldn't be much different from the current N810, which is priced at a costly $479.99. The new N810 will launch later this summer when the WiMax network is expected to be available in the United States and will work with Sprint's Xohm service.