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Nokia Lumia 930 image leaks ahead of launch, looks like Icon

If photos for the upcoming Lumia 930 prove accurate, we're looking at a global version of a phone that Verizon already sells.

The phone presumed to be the Nokia Lumia 930 looks a lot like Verizon's Nokia Lumia Icon. @evleaks

Images of Nokia's next global flagship device have leaked ahead of Microsoft and Nokia's big reveal at Microsoft Build, hosted in San Francisco on Wednesday.

The leaked picture, presumably of the Nokia Lumia 930, comes courtesy of frequent (and frequently correct) Twitter tipster @evleaks.

If the image is correct, the forthcoming Lumia 930 looks a heck of a lot like the Nokia Lumia Icon being sold exclusively through Verizon here in the US. Where Verizon offers the white version only, this picture shows the phone in neon green and bright orange as well.

The very good Lumia Icon has a 5-inch screen, 20-megapixel camera, and quad-core processor. With any luck, the global version of the phone, presumably the 930, will also contain Windows Phone 8.1, along with its new OS updates like the Cortana voice assistant.