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Nokia Lumia 710 is a cheap, chubby charmer in video review

Nokia has just unleashed its second Windows Phone handet, the Lumia 710, on the British public. Take a look at Natasha's video review.

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Our favourite Finns recently parachuted a new Nokia phone into British stores, as a follow-up to last year's fab Lumia 800. Cheaper and chubbier than its big brother, the Lumia 710 is nevertheless a charming phone, as Natasha Lomas discovers in our video review above.

Nokia has been championing Microsoft's Windows Phone operating system, so it's no surprise it can be found beaming out from the Lumia 710. The interface sports the distinctive sleek swivelly tiles we've grown to love, and navigating the menus is easy as pie, and just as pleasurable.

The simplicity of the software does mean, however, that Windows Phone is nowhere near as customisable as Android, so while you can fiddle around with the phone's background colours, opportunities for tinkering are severely limited.

Windows Marketplace is not yet brimming with the same abundance of apps as the Apple Store or the Android Market, which is currently a significant drawback of all Windows Phones, the 710 included -- although we reckon its fortunes could experience a boost with the launch of Windows 8.

The Lumia 710 comes in plain ol' black and white, but a selection of brightly coloured backplates based on the jaunty CMYK shades used in colour printing give the phone a playful edge. It's bit of a chubster compared to its big brother the Lumia 800, and the plasticky casing has little of the 800's sophistication, but it does feel solid to hold.

If you're more meerkat than cheetah, you'll be glad to hear the 710 caters well for social animals, with excellent social networking integration, particularly Facebook.

If you'd like to see the phone in closer detail, hit play on the video above for the full review.

What do you make of the Lumia 710? Are you a fan of Windows Phone, or are you waiting for Windows 8 to reserve judgement? Let me know in the comments below or swivel your way over to CNET UK's Facebook page.