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Nokia E6 gets keyed up with Qwerty keyboard and month-long battery

Say hello to the Nokia E6 and its Qwerty keyboard, tiny touchscreen and month-long battery life.

Say hello to the Nokia E6 and its buttons. Like most phones these days we've seen the E6 before: photos and video of the new phone leaked to the Internet recently, showing off its physical Qwerty keyboard, but now we've got all the official details.

The screen is a 2.46-inch touchscreen offering a whopping 326ppi resolution. At the back is an 8-megapixel camera, and it's all wrapped up in a glass and stainless steel case, in silver and white or black.

Inside there's an 680MHz ARM processor with graphics acceleration, 256MB of RAM and 8GB of storage built-in. You can add up to a microSD card for up to 32GB extra memory. The phone includes a compass for when you get lost, as well as an orientation sensor. Nokia says it'll go a whole month without needing to be charged -- although obviously that's as long as you don't touch it.

Like the Nokia X7, also announced today, the E6 runs on Symbian Anna. This new update to the Symbian software features new icons and quicker and simpler browsing and Ovi Maps. Although the E6 won't need it, Anna sports a new portrait Qwerty keyboard for touchscreen phones.

The E6 will take advantage of Anna's heightened security and improved messaging for business users, so your serious bidness is safe from prying eyes. It includes plenty of access to business-focused Microsoft services and software including Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Communicator Mobile and SharePoint. When the business day is done -- or when you get bored in a meeting -- you can kick back with racing game Asphalt 5 HD or sci-fi adventure Galaxy On Fire.

Nokia reckons it will start selling the E6 during Spring. A UK price hasn't been confirmed but it will cost €345 (£300) in Europe.