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Nokia E52 lasts a month in standby

Nokia's newly announced E52 will manage eight hours talk-time and 23 days standby, according to the Finnish manufacturer.

The long-lasting E52 (Credit: Nokia)

It used to be that if you wanted a business phone with a battery that lasted for a week you'd buy a BlackBerry, however, power consumption around fast-speed connectivity has changed this somewhat.

Nokia plans to change all this with the E52; a full-featured E-Series smartphone boasting eight hours of talk-time and a jaw-dropping 23 days of standby battery life as well. To achieve this it will pack a 1500mAh battery into the diminutive candybar handset. It will also feature noise-cancelling technology to make your calls clearer, especially on a busy street.

Most importantly, the E52 will still come with all the popular connectivity options you'd expect from a Nokia smartphone: HSPA and Wi-Fi for data transfers, and GPS for accessing location-based services, like Nokia Maps navigation. It will also ship with a 1GB microSD memory card for the approximate price of €245 (AU$430), though local pricing is likely to be higher than the conversion once it hits our shores.

The E52 joins Nokia's growing range of E-Series business phones, alongside the E75 and E55 announced earlier in the year. The E52 will be available in the second half of the year, while the E75 will be in Australian stores by the middle of May.