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Nokia 6650: Clamshells can be smart, too

The days of the Motorola Razr may seem far off now, but that doesn't mean that the clamshell design is dead. Have a look at Nokia's latest fold-er, the 6650

Just because a phone is smart doesn't mean it needs to look like something built for a Robot Wars competition. Smart phones, perk up! You're allowed to look normal. Case in point is Nokia's 6650, a seemingly humble phone that hides almost as many features as the infamous Nokia N95.

This metal-clad clamshell runs on S60, so there are plenty of options for installing new apps such as Google Maps Mobile to use with the 6650's built-in GPS. If you want to browse the Web, HSDPA offers fast broadband speeds. Unfortunately, there's no Wi-Fi.

If you can't be bothered flipping open this clamshell phone to access certain features, you'll be pleased to know that on the front of the 6650 is a small screen. You can use it to play music without needing to exert any of extreme effort that goes into unfolding the handset.

Also known as 6650 fold, it doesn't feel flimsy. It's not too heavy and the keypad, although flat, is easy to use. Our only disappointments with the 6650 are its 2-megapixel camera, which could produce better quality shots, and the lack of a 3.5mm headphone jack that forces us to put away our own headphones for ones with a 2.5mm socket.

We'll spend more time with the 6650 over the next few days and bring you a full review soon. If you can wait, the handset is available exclusively from T-Mobile for free on a monthly contract. -Andrew Lim