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Nokia 6210 Navigator: GPS even without a SIM

Nokia has just announced the launch of the 6210 Navigator -- a GPS-enabled phone that lets you use the navigational capabilities without even having a SIM card in place

Nokia has announced the launch of the 6210 Navigator -- the successor to the cute 6110.

In many ways it's a standard phone, but combined with Nokia's new Maps 2.0 software, the GPS lets you navigate through streets and cities either in-car like a normal sat-nav system, or on foot, where the Maps app offers pedestrian-centric directions for when you're lost without a car. Not only that, but it can be used without a SIM card. High five, Nokia!

Inside is 120MB of memory, a microSD slot, HSDPA connectivity, Bluetooth and a 3.2-megapixel camera. Don't expect to rush out and get this any time soon though, as it'll only start to become available in the UK in the third quarter of this year for about £200. -Nate Lanxon