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Nokia 6120 Classic: Cheap, clever and calorie-free

Looking for a cheap phone that gives you fast access to the Internet? Check out the Nokia 6120 Classic, a classic phone with modern features

Nokia is a little behind when it comes to making phones that feature HSDPA (3.5G) connectivity, so it's good to see that the 6120 Classic, one of its latest handsets, comes with it.

If you're a mobile Internet freak with a need for speed but you're hooked on Nokia then this compact little number is worth checking out. It's light, slim and more importantly features Nokia's S60 platform, so you can run a variety of useful software on it.

The HSDPA connectivity means you can browse the Web, download music or pictures and stream online content really fast, plus there's a VGA camera on the front for making video calls.

Unfortunately, there's a relatively poor 2-megapixel camera on the back that won't take the best pictures ever, but it will do for mementos or MMS pictures.

That said, this phone has a very low price tag, coming in at about £180, which compared to the price of Nokia's flagship model, the N95, is a bargain. So if you're looking for a cheap all-rounder that gives you fast Internet access, give the 6120 a squiz.

The Nokia 6120 Classic will be in shops within the next four to six months and will probably be available on all major networks. Expect a full review soon. -Andrew Lim

Update: a Nokia 6120 Classic review is now live on the site