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Nexus battery woes, Xperia S, Lumia 710 in UK in phone video

Galaxy Nexus battery issues and Xperia S and Lumia 710 UK release dates are among the nuggets of phone news in this week's video roundup.

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CNET UK made but one resolution this new year and that was to make sure none of our readers missed out on any of the hot happenings in the smart phone world. We pledged to bring you all the latest phone news squished into one weekly video, and here we are, three weeks into January and we haven't let it slip. Aren't we doing well?

After experiencing a shaky start to its career when a serious volume bugwas revealed, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus seemed to have found its feet recently. Unfortunately the flagship Ice Cream Sandwich phone has been back in the press this week for all the wrong reasons, as CNET UK readers have been complaining of battery problems.

Samsung downplayed the issue and responded by telling us that any battery-related issues were isolated cases. "Any customers having problems with their device should contact Samsung's technical support team who will be able to help," the company said.

RIM has bestowed a juicy handful of new features on its phones this week with the update to BlackBerry 7.1. Among the goodies are NFC features, an unlocked FM radio and a raft of improvements to BlackBerry Messenger. It also now allows you to use your BlackBerry as a mobile hotspot, with up to five other devices stealing its Internet.

If you're the type who loses the TV remote down the back of the sofa every time you change channel -- but have your smart phone permanently attached to you like an extra appendage -- you'll be glad to hear Sky has teamed up with Zeebox so you can control your Sky-box with an app from your favourite beloved touchscreen.

Some of the week's hottest phone news came all the way from CES 2012 in Las Vegas. Unfortunately many phone manufacters seem to be abiding by the old adage that what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas (or at least in the US), as a bunch of the mobiles revealed at the show, such as the Nokia Lumia 900, were 4G LTE models that will only be released in the States.

One very exciting phone that will be setting sail for British soil is the Sony Xperia S, the first handset unveiled by the company since they bought out Ericsson in October. It's due out over here in the first week of March and will be coming to Orange, O2, 3, T-Mobile and Phones4U, priced at around £468 SIM-free.

Nokia has also consoled us after missing out on the Lumia 900 by announcing that the Lumia 710 will be available in Britain on 1 February. We went hands-on with the Lumia 710 at its launch in October last year and were quite pleased with what we saw -- depending on its pricing, it could turn out out to be real champ.

Has your Nexus' battery been giving you gip? Are you likely to take advantage of any of the latest phone-related releases or updates? Let us know in the comments below or over on Facebook page.