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Next Galaxy flagship, likely Note 9, will have a better Bixby

We'll be hearing Samsung's second version of its voice assistant/AI later this year.


The Galaxy Note 8 (left) vs. the Galaxy S9+ (right.


Gray G. Lee, head of the AI Center at Samsung Research, says the company's next flagship smartphone will incorporate an upgraded version of its AI, Bixby 2.0, according to an interview with the Korea Herald

Enhancements to Bixby will include better natural-language processing, improved noise cancelling and faster response.

The next big Samsung unveiling is probably its summer Unpacked event, which the company's been using to announce its annual update to the Note line of phablets, as it did with last year's Galaxy Note 8.

This adds to what we've heard rumored so far about the Galaxy Note 9, such as it might be announced as early as July, it may look like this and might not have an underscreen fingerprint sensor.

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