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New X-Type speculation

New X-Type speculation

Jaguar's low-end X-Type model is getting a major overhaul due to lower-than-expected sales, according to an article at Automotive News. Although the X-Type is Jaguar's best-selling model, the carmaker was hoping for more. Jaguar confirmed that the new X-Type won't be a sedan, and speculation suggests a shooting brake, a sporty wagon like the Audi Shooting Brake concept shown at the Tokyo Auto Show. Although Ford has helped it in the quality department, Jaguar has particularly long development cycles, appropriate for a conservative British automaker. For example, the new Jaguar XK replaced a 10-year-old model. Jaguar has managed to update cabin technology in its cars, but what I've seen has often been shoehorned into the dash. I am looking forward to Jaguar's design for a new X-Type. The new XK looks very good while still retaining its distinctive Jaguar style. But it will probably be a while before we see even a concept for a new X-Type, as all Jaguar seems to know so far is it won't be a sedan.