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New Verizon phones?

New Verizon phones?

The sharp eyes of the Engadget crew spotted a few upcoming phones on Verizon's Backup Assistant site that the carrier has yet to launch. They are the LG VX8600, the LG VX9900, and a new Kyocera K323. While the K323 seems like a fairly basic VGA camera phone, both the VX8600 and the VX9900 promise to be exciting additions to LG's lineup. The VX8600 is rumored to be the clamshell successor to the famous Chocolate, while the VX9900 is slated to be the successor to the popular V phone, otherwise known as the VX9800. We'll keep our eyes peeled for more information on these phones, and we hope to get our hands on them soon.

Source: Engadget