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New Sony MP3 players

New Sony MP3 players

We're finally getting some news from the strange world of Sony digital audio. First, three weeks back, the company released the latest version of its much-maligned jukebox software SonicStage CP 4, which is improved but still difficult to use. Next, the 8GB NW-A1200 (in hot pink or violet) made a surprise attack in the U.S. market just days ago. Check out our full review of this sexy and brainy MP3 player, and find out why it's not for everybody.

Finally, news broke (via Engadget) this morning of an unusual-looking flash player, the NW-S20x series. This "sport" player has an industrial cylindrical shape and will come in silver (1GB, $119.99, NW-S203) and black (2GB, $149.99, NW-S205). Features include an OLED display, FM, and a pedometer. We're not sure if it works anything like the Nike + iPod Sport Kit. According to the article, it's slated to ship in September or October. The Amazon links on the page are broken and Sony PR has confirmed that it was a technical glitch on Amazon's part.