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New leaks show off an iPhone 6 with curved edge

Instead of a bend like the LG G Flex or the Samsung Galaxy Round, allegedly leaked photos show that Apple is going for edges that taper off.

Apple's iPhone 5S and 5C.
The next iPhone may look significantly different from the 5S and 5C, shown here. Apple

While it's unlikely Apple could have gone with a curved display for its upcoming smartphone, there were plenty of curved-related rumors circulating as early as as last year.

Noted leaker Sonny Dickson made a similar claim in May, showing off a dummy unit with a curved screen. However, the unit looked like a rough draft.

The latest leak from Dickson, which 9to5Mac published Monday, shows off glass covers with tapering edges for the rumored 4.7-inch iPhone (though nothing was revealed about the supposed phablet-sized 5.5-inch version).

Unlike the curved displays of the LG G Flex and the Samsung Galaxy Round, it appears that the next iPhone may be sticking with a flat display, but with rounded edges that taper down to meet the rumored rounded metal rear.

Given Apple's penchant for refining its design process, it's unlikely that the company will suddenly introduce a bombshell change with a curved display. And Samsung and LG's recent flagships -- the S5 and the G3, respectively -- both had flat screens, so there may not be that big of an interest in curved screens from consumers.