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New IE 7 beta 2 released

New IE 7 beta 2 released

I've been using the new IE 7 beta 2 since last week, and I can't say that I see much difference from the Beta 2 release in March or the original Beta 2 release in late January. Many of the changes are internal such as the ability to run IE 7 Beta 2 under Windows XP 64-bit edition and Windows Server 2003 SP1. So how does the new beta IE 7 for XP SP2 perform alongside the recent Opera 9 and Firefox 2 betas? Microsoft has borrowed a feature we like in Opera: keeping track of your favorite tabs and reopening them when you relaunch the browser. And Microsoft is making IE 7 more customizable with a new add-ons site but still falls behind in the sheer number and diversity of Firefox extensions. Remember that this beta 2 still has bugs; for that reason, Microsoft is providing free telephone support for its IE 7 beta testers. To read more about the features within original IE 7 beta 2 release, see our First Take and see our slide show.