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New Google Search app released for Windows Phone

Google's Search function can now be downloaded in app form on Windows Phone devices.

Google Search for Windows Phone Microsoft

According to All About Windows Phone, the Windows Phone marketplace has more than 70,000 apps available, as of February 26, 2012.

And recently, Google just added one more to the mix.

For those of you who own a device running Windows Phone and aren't a big fan of Microsoft's Bing, Google recently released its own search app for the operating system.

The app features Google's Autocomplete function and My Location, which lets you enter in your current location and search for places and businesses nearby.

Voice Search is also included, allowing you to search for an item by simply speaking into your phone.

Unfortunately, fans of the Metro user interface seen on Windows Phone 7 have noticed, however, that the app has more of a Android-look to it.