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Native chat client for the iPhone now supports ICQ, MSN and AIM

Native chat client for the iPhone now supports ICQ, MSN and AIM

Apollo IM, the first native instant messaging client for the iPhone (see our previous coverage here and here), has been released as version 1.0, bringing with it a new interface and support for the ICQ and MSN instant messaging protocols, in addition to preexisting AOL instant messenger support.

In our testing, the application worked relative well, offering an interface far more responsive than any of the Web-based solutions we've tested, and allowing us to carry on multiple conversations -- active chats are indicated by a hollow circle next to the buddy name.

The software still has some significant bugs, however: in some instances, the keyboard is not displayed if the user goes to the home screen then returns to an active chat; scrolling through the buddy list sometimes displays graphic artifacts, or scrolling does not work as expected; and the application crashed a few times, necessitating a reset of the iPhone, during routine usage (especially when attempting to sign on).

Apollo IM is currently listed under the "Featured" section in For instructions on using to put Apollo IM and other applications on your iPhone, see our guide.