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Name your price for six sweet Android games

The new Humble Bundle includes Bard's Tale, Ticket to Ride, Worms 2, and more, and even includes the desktop versions of each game. Too good to pass up!

Humble Bundle's latest includes six extremely good Android games -- and their desktop counterparts!
Humble Bundle's latest includes six extremely good Android games -- and their desktop counterparts! Humble Bundle

People who know me know I love a good game bundle, especially when it benefits charity. Everybody wins.

The Humble Bundle folks have put together one of the better collections I've seen, with a focus on Android but plenty of goodness for desktop users as well.

It's the Humble Bundle with Android 7, and it comes with six seriously good games -- not just the Android versions, but also their Windows, Mac, and Linux counterparts.

It works like this: You decide what price you want to pay for the bundle. It can be anything over $1 (the minimum required to get the Steam activation codes for the desktop versions), but if you don't match or exceed the average purchase price (currently $6.23), you'll get only the first four games:

  • 2D puzzle adventure Anodyne
  • Tactical real-time strategy game Greed Corp
  • Visually stunning (and slightly freaky) puzzler Incredipede
  • Award-winning board game Ticket to Ride (with USA 1910 bonus map)

Already you've got a killer assortment of games. Ticket to Ride is a favorite of mine, and it sells for $6.99 all by itself. (For the Android version, that is -- the desktop version would run you another $9.99.)

If you beat the average, you'll also get these two:

  • Epic role-playing reboot The Bard's Tale
  • Classic tactical-artillery game Worms 2: Armageddon

Needless to say, for around six bucks and change, you're getting a boatload of great games (which, incidentally, would cost you around $75 if purchased separately). You even get the soundtracks for many of them. And you get to help out Humble Bundle's favorite charities: Child's Play and Electronic Frontier Foundation. After you decide how much you're going to pay, you can choose how the money should be split between the developers, the charities, and Humble Bundle.

It's worth noting that to install the games on your Android device, you'll have to do a little hoop-jumping in the settings (enabling apps from "unknown sources") and install the Humble Bundle app, which is currently in beta. Nothing terribly complicated, but it's not quite as novice-friendly as just buying the games outright from the Play store.

So, yeah, if you skip today's Venti mocha, you can score a fantastic Android/desktop game bundle and support worthy causes at the same time. Like I said earlier: everybody wins.