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Muse offer audiophile box set of new album The Resistance

Muse, whose new album The Resistance is due out on 14 September, will offer a huge limited edition box set of the rock opus, loaded with bonuses for the digital audiophile

Muse, whose new album The Resistance is due out on 14 September (a month too late if you ask us), isn't sitting back while Radiohead gets all the attention for doing things differently. They've got a supermassive plan of their own and it's giving us butterflies (and, it's rumoured, hurricanes).

The band is offering a particularly exciting -- and expensive, at £60 -- edition of their new record for the truly hardcore fan. In addition to the CD album, the box set of The Resistance will come with a special Muse-branded USB memory stick containing the album in DRM-free MP3, Apple Lossless and WAV formats.

You'll also get the album on a pair of heavyweight vinyl records and a DVD Audio edition mixed in 5.1 DTS and Dolby surround sound. There's an extra DVD too, containing a 45-minute film documenting the making of The Resistance.

Take a bow, Muse, your ability to excite us is invincible. Fans can pre-order one of the box sets at and be eligible for a bunch of exclusive downloadable bonuses in the weeks leading up to the album's release. But be careful: with only 5,000 copies of the box set available, time is running out.