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Motorola steps up with workaround for Cliq issues

Motorola has acknowledged the issues surrounding the latest update for T-Mobile's Cliq.

Motorola Cliq Josh Miller/CNET

Motorola has officially acknowledged the issue surrounding the recent over-the-air (OTA) update that was sent out to Moto Cliq owners. For those unfamiliar, the update was created to improve the performance for the touch screen, battery, and GPS functions on the T-Mobile handset.

Unfortunately, a handful of users were reporting a variety of issues once they installed the patch. Today Moto not only publicly recognized the problems, but also provided instructions on how to deal with errors.

Motorola sent an e-mail to a blogger at These Are the Droids with an apology and a link to its support page. Though Moto insists that the errors are limited to only a very small number of consumers, the company is providing step-by-step instructions for anyone affected by the update.

Moto said it is working on a revised OTA update so that the workaround is not needed for other users. The company claims that users who haven't yet installed the update need not worry as they'll receive a revised version once its readied.