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Motorola sharpens its Razr

Motorola sharpens its Razr

Over the past few months, the Motorola gossip mill has been buzzing about the Canary and the Capri, two follow-up models to the company's phenomenally popular Razr handset. Today Moto finally confirmed the rumors with a big announcement at an analyst meeting in Chicago. The names Canary and Capri are out the door, but in their place are five new phones aiming to capitalize on the still-hot thin phone craze.

Styled after the Razr but with a revamped design and high-end features, the Motorola Krzr (formerly known as the Canary) will come in GSM (the Krzr K1) and CDMA (the Krzr K1m) versions. For slider phone fans, the Rizr (formerly known as the Capri) will offer many of the same features as the Krzr K1 but in a slider form factor. Motorola also announced today HSDPA versions of the Razr, the Razr Maxx, and the Razr XX. All phones are set to be available in the second half of this year. For a full report on all the new models, see the coverage on our sister site CNET Asia.