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Motorola Rokr EQ3 rocks out on the go

The Motorola Rokr EQ3 is a new fold-out portable speaker.

Motorola Rokr EQ3
Motorola Rokr EQ3 Motorola

When I first saw Motorola was releasing something called the Rokr EQ3, I thought it was a phone. Instead, the Rokr EQ3 marks Motorola's foray into the portable speaker market. The EQ3 is a compact little speaker that folds up to a smaller and more portable size. It's not a Bluetooth speaker though; you'll still have to use the regular ol' 3.5mm plug, which is great for MP3 players, but not so convenient for most cell phones that still use the 2.5mm jack, so you might want to spring for an adapter if you want to use the Rokr EQ3 with a phone. It's powered by four AAA batteries, and there's an extension cable optimized for players that have FM radio. It's pretty old-school tech, but hey, maybe there's still a market for these things. It'll be available in Q2 of this year and pricing is still unknown.