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Motorola rocks Wireless Skype in steree-ereo

A new add-on from Motorola will deliver Skype wirelessly and in stereo straight from your PC. If you're tired of wires and awkward mics, Moto may just sort you out

We love Skype, but sometimes we get our cables in a twist. If you don't have a proper headset or the cable isn't long enough to stretch around your PC you can end up bent double shouting into your DVD drive -- a situation Crave finds itself in on a regular basis. Oh. Just us, then.

However, help may be at hand from an unlikely source -- Motorola. It's not a company we usually associate with free VoIP Internet telephony (it's something to do with profit), but Moto has done a deal with Skype and launched a Talk & Tunes Wireless Internet Calling Kit at the CTIA Wireless 2006 show in Las Vegas.

This kit includes Motorola's current Bluetooth Stereo Headphones HT820 product, as well as a new Bluetooth Dongle that attaches to your PC and lets you connect to Skype.

This means you can speak wirelessly through the headphones on Skype up to 10m away from your PC. You can even listen to music stored on your PC using the kit, which is lovely, as they're stereo headphones and you'll no longer suffer the dreaded mono disease.

We're not sure about pricing yet, but the headphones cost £70 and a normal Bluetooth dongle goes for around £15, so we're guessing the headset kit will cost around £85-90. According to sources at Motorola, the kit will be commercially available in the UK in the next two months. -AL