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Motorola Moto G goes 4G, according to Amazon

As Motorola prepares for a series of launch events around the world, an Amazon listing hints at a 4G LTE version of the budget Moto G.

The hugely popular wallet-friendly Motorola Moto G Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Motorola is putting the 4G in Moto G, according to a premature Amazon listing for an LTE version of the popular budget phone.

Amazon earlier listed a Moto G Universal LTE smartphone in either black or white, costing $220. Originally spotted by Engadget, the listing has now been pulled, presumably to preserve any surprises for a launch event in London today.

Motorola is holding launch events around the world, kicking off with the Moto E just announced in India. Look out for all the first photos, video and hands-on first impressions of the E and other Moto kit throughout the day.