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Motorola marches out the Droid Pro

The Motorola Droid Pro is Motorola's take on the professional smartphone. We give you a closer hands-on look at it.

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SAN FRANCISCO -- The big surprise at the fall CTIA show this year had to have been the Motorola Droid Pro. As a direct challenge to Research In Motion, the Droid Pro is Motorola's bold take on a business smartphone. It has both a 3.1-inch HVGA touch screen and a QWERTY keyboard that is not unlike that of a BlackBerry. Its sloped keys certainly remind me of the keyboard on the Bold.

The Droid Pro is definitely one of those phones that look better in person than it does in pictures. We thought it looked rather awkward and top heavy when we saw the press release, but it actually feels very natural and usable when held in the hand. The display looks lovely, and we give Motorola props for having a dual-LED flash with the 5-megapixel camera. It has WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth, and a slew of business-friendly features that include the ability to roam on both CDMA and GSM networks. Indeed, it's the first Android phone to have this global feature. The Droid Pro also has a 1Ghz processor, Android 2.2, and you can turn it into a mobile WiFi hotspot to share with up to five different devices.

But enough spec talk. Have a look at the video and our slideshow for a more hands-on look at the Droid Pro.