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Moto X 'Pure Edition' to be unlocked and unbranded, report indicates

Android purists may soon be able to purchase an unlocked version of the flagship smartphone that's devoid of carrier influence.

With no official confirmation, the "Moto X Pure Edition" is pure hearsay. Screenshot by Scott Webster/CNET

Motorola may soon offer consumers a "Pure Edition" of its second-gen Moto X smartphone.

According to new reports, the unlocked version of the flagship device would also be free from any preloaded carrier apps and services. What's more, there may be no trace of branding on the outside of the handset.

It's worth noting that the Moto X Pure Edition wouldn't be 100 percent stock Android; Motorola would still load a couple of its own custom touches and apps onto the phone. Nevertheless, these tweaks shouldn't get in the way of timely Android updates.

Motorola currently offers a similar experience for the 2013 version of the phone, though there's no formal name for the product.

It isn't clear when Motorola would introduce the Moto X Pure Edition, assuming the rumor is right, or how much it would cost. The carrier-branded versions are expected to retail for $99 with two-year service agreements or $499 outright. Those interested in the Pure Edition should prepare to spend at least $500 for the unadulterated model.

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